Winter in the Highlands Medium Marble Platter *outlet*

Winter in the Highlands Medium Marble Platter *outlet*

Kate of Kensington
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Archived design. Outlet items may be more rustic, including veins and wonky edges. They are still perfectly suitable for their purpose, just a little more unique. 

Winter can be bitter, brutal and unkind,

But frosty, snowy weather doesn’t play on a highlands mind.

Thick wool around its body and a main of golden yarn,

With a robin for some company this chill can do no harm.

So high up on the peaks isn’t lonely or so bad,

When you’re a chunky highland fellow there’s lots of fun that can be had.

Our medium platters are the perfect size for a variety of uses, being both heat proof and cut proof. Use them as a trivet for your hot pans and casserole dishes, to display baked goods and a teapot on for afternoon tea or simply as stunning display pieces in your home. 

20cm x 20cm

100% marble

Handmade in Great Britain

Please Note - Our products are made using natural pieces of stone and will have there own unique charm which includes; different colourings, divots, veins, rustic edges and movement in the marble.