Kensington Collection: Farmyard Marble Coasters (x4) (SECONDS) *outlet*

Kensington Collection: Farmyard Marble Coasters (x4) (SECONDS) *outlet*

Kate of Kensington
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Seconds items may be more rustic, including divots, veins and wonky edges. They are still perfectly suitable for their purpose, just a little more unique. All seconds items are non-refundable. 

Concealed behind a dry-stone wall,

A menagerie of animals all great and small.

Bleats and oinks and quacks and moos,

Three snouts pop up for a clearer view.

The closest of friends though they may not seem,

Are enjoying a day in the field of dreams!

Our unique marble boards are the perfect kitchen companions. Handy for use as a trivet, for place settings at your dining table or to just look fabulous as a display piece in your home.

10cm x 10cm

100% marble

Handmade in Great Britain