Fox In Grass Large Marble Platter *outlet*

Fox In Grass Large Marble Platter *outlet*

Kate of Kensington
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Outlet items may be more rustic, including veins and wonky edges. They are still perfectly suitable for their purpose, just a little more unique.  

A skulk of auburn visions slinking through the pasture,

If spotted by their supper they’re in for a disaster.

A wholesome little snack is exactly what they need,

To have them keeping agile, alert and at top speed.

So if you see them ducking all low down and out of view,

You know that they’ll be hunting for a tasty treat to chew.

Our unique marble boards are the perfect kitchen companions. Handy for use as a trivet, for place settings at your dining table or to just look fabulous as a display piece in your home.

30.5cm x 30.5cm

100% marble

Handmade in Great Britain

Please Note- Our products are made using natural pieces of stone and will have their own unique charm which includes; different colouring, divots, veins, rustic edges and movement in the marble.