Use For Your Marble



We find that a coaster has more uses that just to perch your drink on. We like to use ours for soap dishes and candle stands!


What a perfect place to display your freshly baked (or store bought, who are we to judge) cake! Not just cake though. What about a stand for your teapot to go alongside that cake. Can you tell that we are fans of cake?


The perfect size for a trivet so you can save your surfaces from the risk of pot burns. Also a very handy size for a chopping board or perfect for a place setting!


Also a great size for chopping on! Also great for the centre of the table or for a wonderfully displayed cheeseboard!

Coaster Feet

Each coaster will have 4 feet

Medium Feet

All mediums have 5 feet

Large Cork

All large platters come with a corked back to provide optimum stability.

Sharing Feet

All sharing platters come with 8 feet.