Seconds Marble

Our popular Seconds Sales are a great way to add to your Kate of Kensington collection at a reduced price! Seconds marble pieces may have some of the following characteristics...


During our manufacturing process some pieces may not come out perfectly, including:

1. Small mistakes in the artwork.

2. Slightly misaligned designs.

3. Trials and tests for new designs.

These small hiccups do not affect the structure or usability of the marble.


Marble is a natural stone, and sometimes there are unique characteristics to the marble that make it unsuitable for our full price items, such as:

1. Large divots.

2. Natural variations in colour. 

3. Marble that has too many rustic features.


During our manufacturing process the natural colour of the marble and the colours in our designs can come together in unexpected ways! These pieces may be more luminous, or feature a darker tone than is acceptable for our full price products. These variations in colour do not affect the structure or use of the product.

Please note: all seconds items are non-refundable.