Product Care

How should I care for my products?

We have gathered a few handy tips on how to best care for your Kate of Kensington products, to keep them in fabulous condition for many years to come. We dearly hope that you find this useful.

And, of course, none of our products are intended for the use of children. Please keep out of reach from small children and take care to supervise children when they are able to handle or come into contact with any of our products.


This section refers to our range of textile products. Inclusive of the following; tea towels, aprons, cushions and face masks.

We always advise washing before first use.

All washable fabrics should be separated into light or dark colours and washed at 30 degrees, unless otherwise specified in the product specific label. We recommend that non-biological detergents are used. And we advise against bleaching agents, enzymes and optical whiteners - this is because these can cause colour to fade or become patchy. If products are handwashed, then ensure the detergent is fully dispersed and dissolved in water prior to immersing the item to be washed.

We prefer line drying for achieving ‘outdoor freshness’ and an easy way to limit creasing. If instead using a tumble dryer then avoid over drying. Remove items promptly from the dryer to reduce creasing, and reshape prior to folding carefully.

Typically the natural fibres crease more when new, however soften over time. If fabrics are bone dry then we suggest re-damping with a light water spray beforehand.

Print alignment
We take an enormous amount of care and effort, however our production process isn’t 100% perfect every time. Consequently there may be a slight discrepancy, of up to 2cm in the print alignment.

Fabrics will naturally fade over time and after greater use.

Natural fibres shrink over time. Washing or drying on excessively high temperatures will lead to increased shrinkage, and so should be avoided.

Fabric care symbols
Our fabric products carry care instruction labels that feature universal symbols. Please refer to these and follow the instructions given.


This section refers to our range of ceramic products. Inclusive of the following; mugs, jugs, tea pots, cups and saucers.

Take care when handling hot food or drinks. Use handles accordingly and discontinue handling the product if the food or drink is too hot. If a product is dropped then it may cause harm to the user.

We always advise washing before first use.

All of our ceramic products can be washed in the dishwasher, and there will be no noticeable colour fade after many washes. We advocate not using harsh detergents nor high temperatures. Take care during loading, to ensure no edges are touching.

We recommend washing your ceramic products by hand, to ensure the best long-term protection. Preferably using a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners and scourers as these can scratch.

Tea and Coffee stains
It’s always a good idea to rinse shortly after use to limit staining. A build-up of stain can easily be removed with a soak in a weak solution of bleach. Soaking in a mixture of salt and water often works too.

Our ceramics can be used in the microwave. 


This section refers to our range of marble products. Inclusive of the following sizes; sharing, large, medium, small, round, hexagon and coaster sets. 

Please note that our products are not suitable for children. Over time some parts of the products, such as stickers and rubber bumper feet, can become loose. Once detached then they could become an airway obstruction or aspiration hazard.


Product Weight [kg]
Sharing 2.6
Large 2.5
Medium 1.2
Small 0.9
Coaster 0.3
Hexagon – Medium 1.2
Hexagon - Large 2.5

Take care when holding a platter and make sure you are using both hands equally to carry the weight of the platter. 

Please bear in mind that each platter weighs between 1.5-3kg each. We advise taking adequate care and all necessary precautions when carrying. If dropped then the product is an impact hazard and may cause harm.

When positioning heavy objects on top of the marble products, we advise taking care during placement. If very heavy objects are forcefully dropped on top of a marble piece, then it is likely to break.

If the platters break, the resulting sharp edges may present a laceration or puncture hazard.

Heat Proof
All of our marble products are able to withstand high temperatures. Namely typical of saucepans taken directly from a hob, roasted dishes freshly removed from inside an oven.

If the pan or dish has stains from foods or oils on the base, then these are likely to ‘burn onto’ and therefore stain the marble. We suggest that ensuring that hot pans or dishes have clean dry bases before coming into contact with the marble.

We always advise washing before first use.

Marble products are not dishwasher safe. It is best to wipe clean using an antibacterial wet-wipe or a j-cloth rinsed in hot soapy water. Repeatedly submerging underwater may cause the colouring to deteriorate.

Coasters adhering to Hot Mugs
When a cup containing a hot beverage is placed on top on top of a coaster, the coaster may adhere to the bottom of the cup as the cup is lifted. Please take care to ensure this does not take place. This is because the weight of the coaster could result in this detaching and falling, presenting an impact hazard. 


This section refers to care of our range of diffusers.

If the fragrance fluid is ingested then immediately seek medical advice. 

Handle with utmost care to avoid spills. We advise the wearing of gloves when handling used reeds.

Please do not place directly onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces or on electrical equipment. This is because a spillage may cause damage.
Position out-of-reach from children and pets.

The duration of the fragrance will vary based upon multiple environmental factors. Keep away from sources of heat and avoid direct sunlight. We recommend rotating the reeds every week to maintain a steady release of the fragrance.