Our Story


Kate began making the foundations of what we have all come to know and love as the brand, Kate of Kensington.

Creating homemade gifts for friends and family, to securing positions at local craft fairs, Kate of Kensington has grown and blossomed into a well-respected household name.

Since 2012, Kate has been a firm favourite at the world famous Apple Market in Covent Garden where the business still resides today, never forgetting their humble beginnings.

In the summer of 2013, Kate made her show debut at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Still finding her feet in the world of marble meets the masses, Kate met many wonderful likeminded people who gave her the courage to make the jump into manufacturing unique platters on a grander scale.

Today, Kate of Kensington is becoming a popular and well-respected brand. Now with a permanent home in the beautiful English countryside, it is the perfect setting to inspire an abundance of hand painted designs from her quirky creative team.

Kate of Kensington is now a growing family of kindred spirits, with aspirations to encompass fresh and vibrant products for the coming years to surprise and delight our customers. Taking leaps into the realms of homeware which we are all positive you will adore!