Covent Garden

Our Covent Garden stall hosts a range of discounted platters and coasters which you won’t find on our website.

You may hit the jackpot and find a one-off design which hasn’t made the cut, or an old design which we have discontinued.

No matter what you find you are sure to get a great price!

We are unable to reserve items here and we operate a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, so to avoid disappointment it is advised to arrive with an open mind to search for treasure or alternatively, get there early!

All Items purchased or ordered at Covent Garden are non-refundable due to the special discounts that we offer, however we are more than happy to exchange any items for you if you bring them back to the stall. Sadly we cannot accept any returns sent via post.

You can find us here every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. At certain times of the year we are here more regularly but these are all subject to change.

If you are not sure about a date, simply email and someone will be happy to help you.