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Kensington Collection: Pheasant In Grass Marble Sharing Platter

Kensington Collection: Pheasant In Grass Marble Sharing Platter

Kate of Kensington
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With feathers full of colours and a smile upon their face,

These cheeky vibrant gamers appear so out of place.

Dashing through the fields so heavy on their feet,

A clumsy puff of primary dancing to their own beat.

Why have any worries when you are so brightly clad,

A bouquet of pheasants who are all completely mad.

Our unique marble boards are the perfect kitchen companions. Handy for use as a trivet, for place settings at your dining table or to just look fabulous as a display piece in your home.

40cm x 20cm

100% marble

Handmade in Great Britain

Please Note- Our products are made using natural pieces of stone and will have their own unique charm which includes; different colourings, divots, veins, rustic edges and movement in the marble. If you would prefer a less rustic piece of stone please state whilst ordering.