The Story Behind Kate of Kensington

Kate of Kensington began on a rainy evening back in 2011.

Kate is cosied on her sofa, flicking through social media and chatting with friends and family about upcoming events when the topic of gifts comes up. Kate had always been interested in crafts and making, so this was a great opportunity to produce something extra special. Something that would be a fantastic gift to both give and receive.

With rain gently pattering against the window of her London apartment, Kate begins researching what she could make as gifts and trawled through the usual lists of DIY wax melts, cards, candy cones etc. All lovely things but she wanted to give something that would be a fantastic conversation piece as well as useful. The thoughts of becoming a household name and having successful business are far from her mind at this point, the most important thing then was creating a fantastic gift.

Eventually, the idea of marble coasters and platters catches Kates eye and the foundations of the business we say today are laid.

Turning her spare room into a workshop, Kate begins the process of taking pieces of beautiful rustic marble, adorning them with stunning watercolour designs, and gifting them out to overjoyed friends and family. As the good feedback rolled in and with more and more people asking for one of Kates marble pieces, it didn’t take long for the penny to drop and the idea of putting a business together fell into place.


Our Unique Product

Of course, going from making gifts for friends and family in your spare room to operating a full scale manufacturing business is not a small jump and things that at first seemed easy to scale turned out to be quite the opposite. Days, weeks, and months of testing followed. Everything from the type of stone used to the type of design that worked with the natural colours of the marble had to be tested.

Once Kate was happy with how the products looked and felt it was time to turn attention onto how they are used. Now anyone can make a pretty piece of marble that just sits on the sideboard without being used but here at Kate of Kensington, we want our products to be as useful as they are beautiful.

We coat our marble products in a unique resin, the ingredients of which are a closely guarded business secret, that makes our marble resistant to heat, resistant to cuts, and totally food safe. That way our products can work as a functional part of your kitchen and home instead of just a decoration.


One of our platters showing its heat resistance.


The Apple Market

So now we had the right kind of marble, a variety of beautiful designs, and an industry exclusive patent protected resin formula that puts our products ahead of anything else on the market it was time to get the product out into the world and into the hands of the people.

2012 London was a buzz of activity and excitement with the long awaited Olympics in town. The streets swelled with tourists and visitors from every corner of the globe coming to see the historic city. Where do we find Kate of Kensington at this time? Well Kate had managed to secure a prestige placement in the world famous Apple Market of Covent Garden.

From that stall we were put in front of the world. We were selling marble quicker than ever before with the small Covent Garden plot being swamped from open to close. We sold dinner sets to Saudi royalty, we sold coasters to famous actors, and we handed out more of our trademark green leaflets than we could possibly have dreamed all from that small holding in Covent Garden that we still operate from to this day.

The world famous Covent Garden Apple Market

Our First Show

Spurred by this runaway success, Kate turned her sights towards an official showcase. In the blistering summer of 2013, Kate of Kensington made its show debut at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. It was at this show that contacts were made, deals were struck, hands were shaken and Kates resolve grew even stronger. More assured than ever that this was the right path, all that could be done was continue to build.

Kate of Kensington Today

Where is Kate of Kensington today? After winning a 5 star award at the prestigious Chelse Flower Show and meeting our amazing fans it was clear that we had the winning formula. A product that people love and people that love to provide that product.

Our 5 Star Chelsea Flower Show Stand

We’ve found our home at a small farm in Essex and the team has expanded from just Kate in her spare room to a whole group of like minded people who not only believe in the product but love what they do. From our talented makers who follow Kates original “recipe” to our talented in house artist and office staff who strive to give our customers the best experience possible. Kate of Kensington has grown into a successful business with happy customers all over the world.


So that’s our story so far and we couldn’t have gone this far without your support. We hope you enjoyed the read and we can’t wait to add the next chapter!

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