The Best Marble Coasters You Can Buy

The humble coaster seems to be experiencing a bit of a resurgence recently. What was once seen as maybe a bit “old worldy” has been brought back to the forefront of home décor and just at the right time if you ask us.

With everyone spending a lot more time indoors these days, it’s given people plenty of time to actually look at their surroundings and a good portion of the population have decided that they want to change it up a bit. Where better to start than a seemingly small but very significant piece?



Our marble coasters are the last coasters you’ll ever need to purchase.

If you’re tired of having cardboard coasters fall apart on you or once vibrant designs fading away with every cup, then you need to look at much more durable marble coasters.

Before we get too into a sales pitch though we need to look at what a coaster provides you with. It would be very easy to just say “it protects the surface” and be done with it, to some extent you’d be right but that’s a bit of a two-dimensional way of thinking. Like looking at a car and thinking “it gets me to the shops” or your shoes and saying, “they stop me treading on sharp stones”.

A piece of quality home décor goes a lot further than just its intended purpose.

Solid marble coasters adorned with beautiful watercolour of British countryside flora or fauna not only act as an excellent surface protector but also as a way to spark a conversation. You can almost picture the scene when, instead of plonking your guests drinks down on a creased piece of cardboard, you place them down on a reassuringly heavy, handcrafted marble coaster you’ll be inundated with questions and compliments.


This all sounds a little bit too salesy now. Apologies, it’s easy to get carried away. Let’s refocus on just the facts about Kate of Kensington marble coasters.


Firstly, the stone is nothing like you would have seen before. It’s not cheap limestone masquerading as marble and it’s not something you can just walk into a shop and purchase. This is high quality marble that has been mined from the hills of Italy and brought over just for us. This marble was selected for its exquisite natural beauty, the colour tone, and the way it makes our distinctive designs pop. This marble is the same stuff the ancient Romans used to make statues out of which speak for themselves when it comes to beauty and longevity.


Next, the designs. Our designs are produced by our talented in-house artist Eleanor using fine watercolour paint to bring the designs to life in timeless detail. Watercolour painting gives the designs a more “fluid” look and allows the colours to play and intermingle with each other in a natural way to produce stunning combinations and contrasts.  Drawing on the natural inspiration that surrounds our farm, Eleanor puts brush to canvas and breathes life into the vibrant British countryside critters.


Speaking of the British countryside, that brings us on to our last but perhaps most important point.

Our marble products, whether coaster or platter, are produced entirely by hand right here on our farm in Essex. We have a team of talented and passionate makers who agonise over every detail to make sure that every item they create is something they themselves are proud of and happy to put their makers seal on.


Did we mention the makers seal? Every one of our talented makers have their own custom makers mark that they apply to a product only if they are 100% satisfied with it. Flip your Kate of Kensington marble piece over now and look at the back, you should see a small sticker showing you where it’s made and the silhouette of an animal. It may be a fox, a cow, or a little pig but every maker gets to choose their own animal silhouette to act as their makers mark.

This means that every piece that bears their mark has been inspected and reached the high quality expectations originally set by Kate so you can always be sure that you’re purchasing a truly quality piece of handmade décor and not just a piece of “fast fashion” that has been produced en masse in a factory thousands of miles away.


To summarise, why should you invest in a set of marble coasters?

Because they are not only pieces of fine Italian marble, they are handcrafted pieces of art that have been worked on by a team of passionate people, experts in their craft, on a farm right here in the heart of Essex.

You’re not just investing in a set of coasters, you’re investing in the story and team behind them.


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